Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lumpia Chicken-Cheese Rolls

I was compelled to finish the tin of processed cheese in my mum's freezer before i leave. so i'd been snooping around for feasible cheese recipes. and i came across this simple recipe in thank you Livya for contributing to cheese depletion :) this recipe didn't turn out to be so simple for me because i had to roll out the dough to make the sheets. we don't get pastry sheets here readily available. if you can buy yourself some, these rolls are there before you as quick as wind. i have also been hunting for various delicious fillings for these standard rolls of mine. you can try my spring roll filling which is spicier and colorful. or you can use more chicken and less veggies and season with cilantro and mint for an Asian taste. it's all equally exciting.


chicken pieces-500 gm (boiled in a little salt and pepper; deboned and shredded)
processed cheese-1 cup
olive oil or any vegetable oil
pepper powder

Boil the chicken pieces with salt and pepper. debone and shred finely by running in the grinder just once. cut the cheese. grate it or run in the grinder just once. mix the chicken and cheese thoroughly and loosely adding enough pepper. if the cheese is salted (mine was) check for salt and add only finally after mixing the chicken and cheese. keep this aside.


maida (Toni, it's all purpose flour!)-2 cups
water or preferrably milk-as reqd; 1/2 cup or a little over that
salt-to taste
fat (dalda) or oil-1tbsp

Sift the flour. add the beaten egg, salt and fat or oil. add enough water or milk and knead well to make a smooth dough. keep it covered for twenty mins. make small balls and roll out each into mini puris. after the entire dough is rolled out like this take a small puri and oil it well on one side. take another puri and stick it on the oiled one. roll out the doubled puri into a roti size thinning out especially the edges. do the enitre lot like this. on a hot tawa fry the big-sized rotis slightly on one side. turn quickly and fry slightly on the other side. take off the tawa and even as it's hot separate them carefully. do the entire lot like this to get slightly done maida rotis.

Take adequate amount of filling (1-11/2 tbsp) and put it on the edge of one roti. roll it tightly gathering the sides within and as you finish rolling it stick the other edge on the rolled roti using maida batter (mix some maida and water to get a viscous batter). do up the whole stuff like this. this is time-consuming and i don't so much enjoy it. i feel like a line cook!! dab some olive oil or vegetable oil on the rolls and bake them at 150 C for ten-fifteen mins turning sides. make sure they don't burn. adjust the time likewise. have it hot with sauce of your choice. this batter and filling gives you twenty-twenty five rolls. freeze the rest and bake them to your convenience.



Boulder Locavore said...

Thanks for the personal help with this recipe!

I have an award for you! You can stop studying for a moment to come pick it up on my blog. Congratulations. You totally deserve it!

Velva said...

I would definitely have to purchase the pastry sheets (laugh). Your cheese rolls look delightful. Thanks for sharing.


kitchenmorph said...

toni: thank you sooo much. i've picked it up and am back to studying so gimme one or two days to put it here. cheers!

velva: thank you. really, making them is a pain!

Karen said...

These look really tasty! Good for you to make the pastry yourself...if I couldn't get sheets premade, I'd never make it! :)

kitchenmorph said...

i know! i would love to have a choice like that. imagine rolling out seventy of them for Christmas last all by myself and that too when i was three months preg. can't believe i did it then. thank you.

Dimah said...

That looks absolutely delicious! Great job

G Mathew George said...

I loved these...but I love everything that you make that I cannot choose one. Srikhand is definitely up there anyway!

kitchenmorph said...

dimah: thank you!

G mathew: thanks honey! pray your girl likes to cook as well. haha hoho.