Junkie flickr

I need something short and sweet to tinker with. These photographs are the labour of not my love but my impulse :P

Aby and Alice are just as they seem here--Aby has lightning moods and Alice is less prone to mood shifts. Handling them is a challenge and we're constantly struck by the brilliant gift of life they're to us. 

Kiran Harsh--one of my fave faces around. I love her subtle style of dressing: never too loud and just right for the occasion, accentuated by her natural charms. The soft-sweet looks house a lion's heart--truly a fauji's daughter!

Gold was the party theme and the women dazzled like goldies!

What came first? The sketch or the photo? hehe

Ohhhh I miss my Kodak moments!!

A Fist with a Reason. Vishy loves all these trinkets he's gathered from London.

Bogmalo Beach. This is not my fave beach but definitely my favoritest spot near my house. Every single day it gives me a sensory high as I kit out this part of the woods.

Come Away With Me To The Night....

How is my choli? ;p Jaya Dhananjay striking a pose.

Kaminey. I like her perfect mix and match of outfits and accessories at parties. Quite an elegant sight she is!

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