Thursday, April 19, 2012

Packing Bags

the Junkie book will remain closed for the coming quarter (May-June-July). If you scroll down a couple of posts you'll find one saying Am Back! And if you wonder sweet bunnies what's happening, well am setting a new paradigm for moving cities! We got to move to a new city and mind ya I still have some unpacked bags since I stepped in this house last July.

Now Jill, was it you who used the phrase "moving house like a warm Indian breeze"?...well, quite literally it's been happening with me! Whoever wrote the line "When was the last time you did something for the first time"? Am by default doing something new, even if it is something as banal as closing one door and entering a new house through another!

There's always excitement in fresh pastures. But at times (or frankly many a time) am exhausted scrambling to pick up my dreams on my way only to see them quickly and forcefully tossed wayside...and am tired of bending my back trying to pick them up again. Lemme see how life pans out for me. For the moment, let's live today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Me

I know whoever comes in here is in a great hurry to get to the next blog. Many a time as much as we want to read each blog post word to word we simply cannot because we're hard-pressed for time 24x7. But I would request you to slow down here.
 This is a video from Mike Schmid. He's a singer, songwriter, and keyboard player for Miley Cyrus. This my post comes with no strings attached. I chanced on Mike in one of my surfing sessions; liked his blog, his voice and songs. He was more than happy to  let me share the video in my space. 

I like his rich soulful voice and pleasant persona. The lyrics of the song are given below.

And Mike, for you to know, you pretty much resemble a Bollywood actor, Ranvir Shorey!!! ;p

 writes about Dear Me: For anyone who’s ever gone through hard times alone, this is for you. An acoustic version of one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.

Dear me, don't rely on what you see
All the blacks and whites dissolve into the gray
Dear me, there are monsters in the trees
And you won't notice them until they're in the way
And you should be ready to fight them down
Cause no one will be there to help you out
And no one will see when you begin to doubt

And you hide
Hide away

Dear me, it seems you'll lose along the way
Simple truths you found so comforting before
Dear me, all the love you thought was free
It'll cost much more than what you can afford
And you won't be ready, you'll fight them down
And no one will be there to pull you out
And when nothing is left, you forget what it's about

And you hide
Hide away

So I'm writing you this letter
To warn you now
Before you get your hopes up
Before they fall back down
You don't have to worry
And you don't need to

Hide away

Dear me, you should know that you can't see
Just how good that it will be in the end