Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anoop Negi's Eye Poppers

Onam in Kerala, Green Faces in Thought
Onam in Kerala: Green Faces in Thought
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi ©All Rights Reserved)

Theyyam at Onam Attahchamyam in Kerala !
Theyyam: Attachamayam: Onam in Kerala
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved) 

Color Me Red ! ~ Free Burma
Color Me Red: Thripunithara Carnival, Kerala
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Fishing Apocalypse ! (by ezee as hell.....internet down.....)
Fishing Apocalypse
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

Goa Carnaval Carnival carnevale 2010 by Anoop Negi
Goa Carnival 2010
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Goa Carnival, More Dancing ~ by Anoop Negi
More Dancing: Goa Carnival
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Shakira of Goa ! by Anoop Negi
Shakira of Goa!
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi© All Rights Reserved)

Michael Jackson Dies Too Young !
Michael Jackson Dies too Young!
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

At work in Goa at the Shirgao Yatra - Nah Not Sylvester ~ by Anoop Negi
At Work in Goa: Shirgao Yatra-Nah Not Sylvester
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

There's a painter by name Stephanie Tramontozzi. (her design website is undergoing a revamp but you can track her work in flickr) she says she has a big appetite for colours, textures and do least for colours and flavours. she's been feeling a little low in the sail this new year and been trying to find inspiration. and this post goes out especially to her; to Steph who loves a riot of colours as much as i do! hope this generous smattering of vibrant colours inspires her for her next rocking creation. oh and she cooks by the way....:P. down below are two of her works.

I first came across Anoop Negi's photo while i was doing an article on Goa. swell picture that was. as i browsed for Taj Hotel, Mumbai for my previous blog post i chanced on him again and i got hooked. i simply loved the celebration of colours in his photographs and was flattered by his strokes across our country showcasing its ethnographic richness.

Anoop Negi is a stock market investor who has been seriously dabbling in photojournalism for over ten years now...the photographs put up here are the ones that pinned me down. and this is just a peep hole to a plethora of his soul-stirring images. nudge these links for a closer look!

Anoop Negi in Obvious
Anoop Negi in ofindianorigin

From my short contact with him i gathered he's a great person to connect with and willing to share his knowledge and booty. you can spot him at


As usual I troubled Yoboy for Blogger assistance in this post. thank you sure need a shout out :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Nifty Tour Guide

Taj Hotel, Mumbai
Photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved

Now carry your local guide in your pocket!

Many a time you're totally smitten by the travel bug but you feel jaded at the huge prospect of packaging a tour; you blink at the logistics invloved in it. with GPSmycity tour guides you can now confidently beetle off to your choice city and indulge your wanderlust. is an archive of self-guided walking tour software applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. these apps can be installed at very reasonable customer-friendly rates. once installed your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad becomes your unerring guide to invade your dream city without coughing up too much currency. using GPS technology navigates around 2000 walking tours across 180 major cities in the world. it provides precise point-to-point directions to the touted landmarks and sights as well as the offbeat spots of each city.

Consider Mumbai. Swing by these links for a good look.

Mumbai Walking Tour
iPhone application Mumbai

What i have below is a quiz contest from the team at those of you who send at least five correct answers (or how many ever you know :P) to will be awarded three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice.

1. Who is the only Indian to have been given honorary US citizenship?

A.Mahatma Ghandi
B.Mother Theresa
C.Rabindranath Tagore

2. Who was the first person to use zero as a number?


3. The wooden pole in the centre of the Banganga Tank in Mumbai was created (as legends tell), by Lord Ram piercing the earth with his arrow. It is believed that the place signifies:

A.The entrance to the Underworld
B.A holy place all Indians should visit at least once in their life
C.The centre of the Earth

4.Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling who wrote Kim and The Jungle Book was born in:


5. What type of uniforms do the traffic cops in Mumbai wear?

A.Yellow shirt and long shorts
B.Green costumes
C.White shirt and khaki trousers

6.Home to India’s Hindi film and television industry, Mumbai is known as:


7. What is the most popular sport in Mumbai?


8.At the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, there is an original portrait of a former US President. Motivated by history or not, the portraits belongs to no one else but:

A.Thomas Jefferson
B.Theodore Roosevelt
C.Abraham Lincoln

9. Any Bombayite knowns that "town" means south of Churchgate, which is a:

A.Railway station
C.City Gate

10. The railway line from Mumbai to Pune through Bhor Ghat was built in 1863 by:

A.A woman
B.100 slaves
C.12 elephants

So boot and bundle up to your dream city with!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steam Cooked Cassava Kerala Style/Kappa Vevichathu

Cassava is something rampantly found in my place and the main stay in almost all homes. it's cheap and high in carb which makes a regular appearance in the toiling labourer's humble home. my maid in hometown says her dad in law has to have it EVERYDAY for breakfast before setting out into the fields for gruelling work under the blazing sun. this is our traditional recipe and we have it with kachiya moru (cooked buttermilk or khadi) and the fiery red fish curry...hmmm yumm.

cassava-2 kg
grated coconut-1 cup
garlic flakes-4
green chillies-3
bird's eye chilli-6
cumin-1 pinch
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp


mustard seeds-1 tsp
curry leaves
dried red chilli-2-3

Peel the cassava and clean them. chop them as in the photograph. except for the cassava grind all the ingredients apart from the seasoning coarsely or smooth; as you like it. back in my home town we grind it on our traditional stone called arakallu. it's said it comes out tastier. don't wing away at the mention of so many chillies. it's not spicy for 2 kg cassava. imagine we include bird's eye chillies too. we love them. and we have this with the hot red fish curry. mouth watering or eyes...hahaha.

In a large thick bottomed pan drop the cassava slices along with adequate water and very little salt. let it cook till the cassava turns tender and is cooked well. drain off the water. put it on flame again. drop the ground coconut mix right in the middle digging a hole in the cassava. the idea is to steam cook the coconut mix in the cassava with the very little water from the grinder. remember to sprinkle salt water as salt proper may get stuck in undesirable places in the cassava. add some curry leaves. let it cook for close to ten mins reaching a consistency where the water is absorbed at the same time the cassava not too dry (look pic).

Splutter the seasoning in oil and garnish the cassava. serve hot. enjoy and get healthy!

For a south east asian sweet cassava delicacy check out my friend Jun's Cassava Cake at indochinekitchen.

Monday, January 10, 2011

NZ Black Coffee the Kerala Way

I love black coffee. especially with palm jaggery. es especially with a dollop of ghee in it. have you tried it this way? pl do. it's simple, honest and absolutely charming. i always take the last sip of it with a streak of disappointment. and i always want more...

I've used the NZ Fairtrade coffee powder my bro got for me. brew it the normal way. sweeten it with the bits of palm jaggery as suits you and drop that dollop finally after you've served it in a cup. enjoy the zing! mighty pals :)