Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I rammed her photostream till it was broken for this beauty!!
She steps out of her cot way too early in the morn than anyone of us can imagine; a quick splash of water and she's in her kitchen quietly packing a solo light picnic pack. She tip toes out of her front door; locks the door ( ah she's locked her husband in!! yes yes); and bursts forth riotously into the early hues of a merciful morn. Let's follow her trail...

That's Iris Hues for you. A soon-to-be doctorate from IIT Delhi (wow; she's brains all over...and she's my friend ;P), she hearts birding, wildlife, food frames and more frames! With a mind of her own, she laps each day with a humongous appetite for anything beautiful that catches the fancy of her lens-its lights and hues...

This particular snap is one of my faves in her stream; as summer fades in the dance of Thor here...Hues of Summer for you by Iris Hues.


I'm taking a two-month break from blogging; maybe not from blog-hopping. Reason: Lock stock barrel movement to a new city-one of its kind!!

Till then ciao...love you folks!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

No-Mess Recipe Organizer

Foodfolio Home Page
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Remove all the clutter//

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Savvy and spartan foodfolio recipe organizer helps you flag interesting recipes better//

Look out for more exciting features sooooooon!!!
For any queries on foodfolio contact Ehab Bandar at ehab@foodfolio.net

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr Stink Anonymous aka Mr Rough Riders

Meet a cartoon character. Mr Stink Anonymous Mr Rough Riders. To get a first-hand feel of this hero read through the comments he's been loyally posting to me of late.

Anonymous said...

WOAH!! Another POOP LOOK ALIKE dish!! MAN, you are so good in shitty presentation BITCH! After so long you're back to track BIACH!!!! I thought u were dead???? Fuck you bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this comment has unfortunately deleted during recent maintenance period by Blogger)

WOAH! The sauce looks soooo shitty!!! *pukes*

Fuck off bitch! Ur blog looks like shit.

Oh yea you guessed right. He's a psycho. Very naturally. So Mr SA aka RR, if you think I'm so good at royal shit presentations I'm equally good at promoting exceptional talent. Yea and I notice you've oodles of perverse talent.

So you're a psycho first and then a coward and then well well....

My only regret about you is that you're from my beautiful state of Kerala in India. I'm a proud malayalee proud of my roots but I strongly deplore the male chauvinism in the community here which is its biggest curse. One of my friends (an educated wise person) recently said women are better off everywhere else in the country compared to Kerala. I could only sigh inwardly becuse it's so true. And it's precisely men like you who should be wiped out completely to make the plight of women in my state better.

I notice you've been doing your stealth rounds under a cowardish "Anonymous" in quite a number of blogs. We're all confident women capable of carrying ourselves well. And by God's grace married to good (malayalee or otherwise) men who are extremely supportive. Because only a happy mind can produce creative spaces like this.

I realise there's no point in communicating sensibly to such degraded cartoons like you but pl take notice that your comments do not ruffle one single feather in me. I, like my peers, am a confident skilled and sophisticated woman privileged to be part of a Community that is the cream of the country. So you can continue your abusive remarks like a rabid dog till whenever...I'm too suave for a puny worm like you. I only pity the family that houses a pervert like you :(

So here's to Mr Stink Anonymous Mr Rough Riders....long life punctured with tell tales of insanity and wantonness....hehehehe.

Are you with me gurlzzzzzzzzzz???

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bachelor Boy Series #3

Pan-fried Chicken
Easter is here. Like every other celebration everything else takes a backfoot except feasting. Most of us have this refrain running in our life: "Ever since i was a child and as far as i can remember i had this and this or that and that in my paternal/maternal house." And it's really sad when you don have your family around you and you're alone...coz your friends generally end up bonding with their families on these occasions. Sigh...the Bachelors. With a lump in your throat you look back on the memory of that rich spread on your table, drooling way too indecently for a decent chap :P But as we go by the idea of making the most of your state i have a fairly appetising chow before you which is super easy and so really tasty that my platter passed the Mom's Test :)

Post script: This was my humble Easter post. Easter's come and gone and all the mirth would've become beautiful frames now and the palaver penned into well-written memoirs....And here am I entering the scene unpardonably late...jus goes to show what responsibilities do to you...the kind which settle on you loud and stubborn...

Pan-fried Chicken

chicken-6 medium pieces (boneless or otherwise)
curd-3 tsp
soya sauce-1 tsp
ginger-garlic paste-2 or 21/2 tsp OR
fresh ginger-1/2" piece
fresh garlic- 8 small pods (vary as per the size)
pepper powder-1 tsp
coriander powder-1/2 tsp
salt-1/2 tsp
red wine-2 tbsp (optional)
water-1/2 cup
oil-1 tbsp

Wash the chicken. make a marinade of all the ingredients above except water and oil and allow the chicken to stand in marinade for a minimum of ten mins. An hour is desirable. transfer to a heavy bottomed pan and add the 1/2 cup water and turn on the flame high leaving it with the lid on. after ten mins take off the lid and let the chicken cook on medium flame. do not add more water as the chicken is sure to leave quite a bit. stir occasionally. as the water reduces (takes about twenty mins) keep a closer look to avoid the pieces sticking to the pan. take another frying pan and add the oil and heat. add the chicken pieces. turn them in and out for as little as three-four mins on medium flame. serve hot and enjoy!