Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Am Back!

Racing in Red
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

Am getting back to the coop! My break was prolonged because I was living life king size: yea…a mélange of settling in; consistent bouts of sickness; guests from native place; ladies activities in my community; some fantastic time off in avid reading; and warm socializing. I’m letting you in on my secret: I DID NOT MISS BLOGGING; there was so much good and bad happening!

I want to thank my family (especially my husband Thomas whose cool-headedness is such a turn-on for me :P) and friends for helping me in my madness; easing my palpitations; and turning the burner on my passions.

Here’s a stunner (one of my faves) from photographer and entrepreneur Anoop Negi. This is from the Champakara Boat Race, 2007, Onam Celebrations in Kerala. You can reach him at Fb, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Ogle at this beauty till am back with a delicious piece of cake and a balmier slice of life!

Chow chow!