I head where the wind takes me. That's hardly a fine opening line but here in my blog I would leave things as they're--without buff and too much gloss.

I've quite a number of interests and generally they beckon me one at a time. I respond obsessively. My life is lived from one little joy to the other. Nothing grand--sundry snazzy chords and this blog records my mindless and intense focus on any one thing I do at a time.

I blog once or twice a month. Simply because I like it that way. As a result my posts are cherry-picked. Knowingly and unknowingly there's a little bit of me in each post. 

I blog about cooking, art and adventure. I've added reviews (more to come): totally subjective, opinionated and at times even "disjointed". ;p Some snap shots too; some of my fave. Mostly my choice by their aesthetic way or the other.

I have two pretty daughters 5 and 1 1/2 years old and am married to a good man who happens to be a good flyer too.