Friday, January 21, 2011

A Nifty Tour Guide

Taj Hotel, Mumbai
Photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved

Now carry your local guide in your pocket!

Many a time you're totally smitten by the travel bug but you feel jaded at the huge prospect of packaging a tour; you blink at the logistics invloved in it. with GPSmycity tour guides you can now confidently beetle off to your choice city and indulge your wanderlust. is an archive of self-guided walking tour software applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. these apps can be installed at very reasonable customer-friendly rates. once installed your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad becomes your unerring guide to invade your dream city without coughing up too much currency. using GPS technology navigates around 2000 walking tours across 180 major cities in the world. it provides precise point-to-point directions to the touted landmarks and sights as well as the offbeat spots of each city.

Consider Mumbai. Swing by these links for a good look.

Mumbai Walking Tour
iPhone application Mumbai

What i have below is a quiz contest from the team at those of you who send at least five correct answers (or how many ever you know :P) to will be awarded three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice.

1. Who is the only Indian to have been given honorary US citizenship?

A.Mahatma Ghandi
B.Mother Theresa
C.Rabindranath Tagore

2. Who was the first person to use zero as a number?


3. The wooden pole in the centre of the Banganga Tank in Mumbai was created (as legends tell), by Lord Ram piercing the earth with his arrow. It is believed that the place signifies:

A.The entrance to the Underworld
B.A holy place all Indians should visit at least once in their life
C.The centre of the Earth

4.Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling who wrote Kim and The Jungle Book was born in:


5. What type of uniforms do the traffic cops in Mumbai wear?

A.Yellow shirt and long shorts
B.Green costumes
C.White shirt and khaki trousers

6.Home to India’s Hindi film and television industry, Mumbai is known as:


7. What is the most popular sport in Mumbai?


8.At the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, there is an original portrait of a former US President. Motivated by history or not, the portraits belongs to no one else but:

A.Thomas Jefferson
B.Theodore Roosevelt
C.Abraham Lincoln

9. Any Bombayite knowns that "town" means south of Churchgate, which is a:

A.Railway station
C.City Gate

10. The railway line from Mumbai to Pune through Bhor Ghat was built in 1863 by:

A.A woman
B.100 slaves
C.12 elephants

So boot and bundle up to your dream city with!


Medeja said...

I think I would know only few answers :)) not sure even if my husband would know all :))

kitchenmorph said...


Medeja said...

After I visit it I will know :P :)

Boulder Locavore said...

Fabulous! I'm ready to hop a plane. Have expat friends in Delhi. Will pass this along. Will be back to study more!

this designer cooks said...

This sounds great! Alas, if I could get away to Mumbai....I think you have some beautiful textiles there am I right? I don't have an iphone myself but maybe I have some travelling friends that do and I may live vicariously through thtem. :)

this designer cooks said...

What a great ap!Alas, if I could get away to Mumbai...You have some beautiful textiles, I imagine? I don't have an iphone myself but perhaps I can pass this info along to some travelling friends that I might live vicariousy through...:)

Yesim said...

nice fun , good i work with indians:))

Yesim said...

i won la la la

kitchenmorph said...

yesim: very good...enjoy with left overs of Om Ali :P

medeja: i've modified the contest canon for you :P

toni: do pass it on to your frens after the slumber :P

steph: pl do pass on the textiles are up north...mumbai (west) takes it from them...

Medeja said...

I love your blog and your great sense of humor so Im giving you Stylish Blogger Award! More info on my blog

kitchenmorph said...

med: awww...tht's awesome sweet on your part. thank you so much...

BigFatBaker said...

Congratulations! I have awarded you with a stylish blogger award!

Elisabeth said...

Wow! I love the gorgeous art work, so vibrant and tells a story of the culture, and the people!
One of my blogger friends, Mia, from another food blog, is from Goa, and the way she explains it, it is such a beautiful place.
Thank you for sharing.

kitchenmorph said...

thank you and hope you had a good V day with your loved friends...could you pass me the goan blogger fren's id?

lalita chaple said...

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