Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steam Cooked Cassava Kerala Style/Kappa Vevichathu

Cassava is something rampantly found in my place and the main stay in almost all homes. it's cheap and high in carb which makes a regular appearance in the toiling labourer's humble home. my maid in hometown says her dad in law has to have it EVERYDAY for breakfast before setting out into the fields for gruelling work under the blazing sun. this is our traditional recipe and we have it with kachiya moru (cooked buttermilk or khadi) and the fiery red fish curry...hmmm yumm.

cassava-2 kg
grated coconut-1 cup
garlic flakes-4
green chillies-3
bird's eye chilli-6
cumin-1 pinch
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp


mustard seeds-1 tsp
curry leaves
dried red chilli-2-3

Peel the cassava and clean them. chop them as in the photograph. except for the cassava grind all the ingredients apart from the seasoning coarsely or smooth; as you like it. back in my home town we grind it on our traditional stone called arakallu. it's said it comes out tastier. don't wing away at the mention of so many chillies. it's not spicy for 2 kg cassava. imagine we include bird's eye chillies too. we love them. and we have this with the hot red fish curry. mouth watering or eyes...hahaha.

In a large thick bottomed pan drop the cassava slices along with adequate water and very little salt. let it cook till the cassava turns tender and is cooked well. drain off the water. put it on flame again. drop the ground coconut mix right in the middle digging a hole in the cassava. the idea is to steam cook the coconut mix in the cassava with the very little water from the grinder. remember to sprinkle salt water as salt proper may get stuck in undesirable places in the cassava. add some curry leaves. let it cook for close to ten mins reaching a consistency where the water is absorbed at the same time the cassava not too dry (look pic).

Splutter the seasoning in oil and garnish the cassava. serve hot. enjoy and get healthy!

For a south east asian sweet cassava delicacy check out my friend Jun's Cassava Cake at indochinekitchen.


Dimah said...

Very interesting and new dish to me, looks so yum!

BigFatBaker said...

Wow, my mouth is watering. I have only ever heard about cassave but I would love to try it!
I saw your super nice comment on my post, it's great to hear from you! I definitely think the crumb cake would be delicious for your birthday. Things are great here! I hope all is well for you, and happy new year to you too!

Chef Dennis said...

I have always wondered what to do with Cassava, I actually served cassava fries to my girls, they weren't quite sure about them...
Thanks for sharing your recipe!

kitchenmorph said...

dimah: thanks so much.

erin: thank you. so glad to hear from you. i really thought you choked on all that pumpkin puree in your refrigerator....muaahahha. is it all over??

chef: thank you chef. my pleasure.

Cakewhiz said...

I never knew what to make from a cassva so i never bought it from stores. But, now i think i should give cassavas a chance. Your dish looks very tasty and i like how you served it on a leaf. That is a leaf...right? Very cool!

G Mathew George said...

Thats one of our favourites! So yum with red meen curry!

Elisabeth said...

Love your Cassava dish, and recipe! Looks so inviting, and delicious!
Following your blog, and invite you to visit mine, and follow, as well!

kitchenmorph said...

cakewhiz: thank you. yeah and banana leaves for almost everything in my place!

g mathew: you said it bro!!

elisabeth: thank you. fun to connect. following yours.

Anna's Table said...

I just wanted to thank you for the Food Buzz invite. I'm looking forward to following your blog and discovering new ingredients.

kitchenmorph said...

anna: thank you. have a great day.

Ami's Vegetarian Delicacies said...

hi, this is topioca right? wow amazing recipe. back home we get them in plenty, we boil them and make a sambol with grated coconut and onion. take them as meal. kerala cooking style is very similar to northern sri lankan cooking.

kitchenmorph said...

ami: it is similar. i've read it's rich in coconut, coconut milk...we generally swim in this...

Lisa said...

i miss eating this...your recipe makes me want to eat it like NOW! its great with kaachiya moru and beef olathiyathu......great pictures sis..

Yin said...

This Cassava rice dish very new to me. I use to to steam cassava and add sugar in it as steam cake.

kitchenmorph said...

sis: thank you lol; many more to go...

yin: it's absolutely delicious. i missed you. good you back...after globe trotting.

Shanthi said...

Love the vevicha kappa. Nice blog

kitchenmorph said...

thank you shanthi. you seem to be a veteran blogger!

Husnain Ali said...

thats really nice look

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