Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anoop Negi's Eye Poppers

Onam in Kerala, Green Faces in Thought
Onam in Kerala: Green Faces in Thought
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi ©All Rights Reserved)

Theyyam at Onam Attahchamyam in Kerala !
Theyyam: Attachamayam: Onam in Kerala
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved) 

Color Me Red ! ~ Free Burma
Color Me Red: Thripunithara Carnival, Kerala
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Fishing Apocalypse ! (by ezee as hell.....internet down.....)
Fishing Apocalypse
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

Goa Carnaval Carnival carnevale 2010 by Anoop Negi
Goa Carnival 2010
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Goa Carnival, More Dancing ~ by Anoop Negi
More Dancing: Goa Carnival
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)
Shakira of Goa ! by Anoop Negi
Shakira of Goa!
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi© All Rights Reserved)

Michael Jackson Dies Too Young !
Michael Jackson Dies too Young!
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

At work in Goa at the Shirgao Yatra - Nah Not Sylvester ~ by Anoop Negi
At Work in Goa: Shirgao Yatra-Nah Not Sylvester
(photo courtesy of Anoop Negi © All Rights Reserved)

There's a painter by name Stephanie Tramontozzi. (her design website is undergoing a revamp but you can track her work in flickr) she says she has a big appetite for colours, textures and do least for colours and flavours. she's been feeling a little low in the sail this new year and been trying to find inspiration. and this post goes out especially to her; to Steph who loves a riot of colours as much as i do! hope this generous smattering of vibrant colours inspires her for her next rocking creation. oh and she cooks by the way....:P. down below are two of her works.

I first came across Anoop Negi's photo while i was doing an article on Goa. swell picture that was. as i browsed for Taj Hotel, Mumbai for my previous blog post i chanced on him again and i got hooked. i simply loved the celebration of colours in his photographs and was flattered by his strokes across our country showcasing its ethnographic richness.

Anoop Negi is a stock market investor who has been seriously dabbling in photojournalism for over ten years now...the photographs put up here are the ones that pinned me down. and this is just a peep hole to a plethora of his soul-stirring images. nudge these links for a closer look!

Anoop Negi in Obvious
Anoop Negi in ofindianorigin

From my short contact with him i gathered he's a great person to connect with and willing to share his knowledge and booty. you can spot him at


As usual I troubled Yoboy for Blogger assistance in this post. thank you sure need a shout out :P


Lisa said...

those are very striking pictures ! great photography Anoop...

Jill Colonna said...

Wow! What magnificent colours.

Unknown said...

Nice photos...

Anna's Table said...

Absolutely stunning photos. Great way to brighten a cold and gloomy day in Montreal. Thanks

Boulder Locavore said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for flagging them for me. I've been swamped over the past few weeks with no blog visiting (insert frowny face). Barely time to do my own! Love visiting you always!

You have to find the coffee man. Did you? A clue: it's a man's face. It is the size of a coffee bean. Try again my friend!

A little bit of everything said...

stunning colorful photos. love them. thanks for sharing

G Mathew George said...
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G Mathew George said...

These are excellent pics! I love the fact that you acknowledge anyone who has helped you with a dedicated blog post about them! Not everyone does that. Good going!

Anonymous said...

Thoma thank you for the popping good colors of photography. On your page they look wonderful, bold and eye popping indeed.

When I said you can use any of the photos on my photostream for what ever work you needed them for as long as they were back linked to me, I had no idea that you wanted to write a post on photography. So this was a pleasant surprise !

Thank you and you have chosen a delightful array of brilliant India for the post.

Stephanie said...

Thoma thank you so much for this. They are inspiration indeed. Anoop's photography is very beautiful! Thank you also for the kind mention! (Bad timing with the website, huh?) But really a feast for the eyes! January blues are fading, February will be full of color!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos! My husband went to Goa a few years ago and he talks about it all the time. I would love to go! :)

BigFatBaker said...

Wow, the pictures really are stunning. I would love to travel to India one day!

Anonymous said...

Great pics and very bold colours !!!

Cakewhiz said...

Wow! Great pictures and so full of color. His photography is brilliant.

Yin said...

Always love vibrant and striking colors, these photo are really great shot.

the Junkie book said...

lisa, jill, yesim, roxana, indu, cakewhiz, yin and anna: thank you. chk out his Flickr page for updates.

toni: i'd forgotten abt the coffee man. will try in my next visit to your blog.

bro: thanks and imagine mung dal kichdi for a bday dinner today ;P

ezee: my pleasure. who wouldn't enjoy doing a post like this?

steph: we all have our private victories...

christina: goa has a culture of its own. worth visiting...and very budget friendly too.

erin: i think you should visit without much delay. temp shooting each year.

Unknown said...


Gorgeous clicks...:)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've come to enjoy your blog - I think it's amazing... the feel of it, the presentation and style. I present you with a STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Please take this link to my post for details.

Plateful said...

Hey Thoma. Anoop's photographs are absolutely gorgeous. A colourful array of India, very inspiring. Brings back lots of memories. Thanks for this post and sharing these lovely pictures with us!

the Junkie book said...

sameena: thank you. happy V day.

brooks: thank you so much. Happy V day. will pick it up soon.

plateful: thanks much. why have you covered your pretty face with that lock of hair?

the constant hunger said...

Absolutely gorgeous colors!

Unknown said...

hey thanx for hopping into my blog!...
wow the pics are stunning and amazing!....that guy is a genius!
And yeah I am try to learn Bharatnatyam now....its kind of a crazy love for it!
Keep visiting....

the Junkie book said...

smitha: aye aye genius!
you love it?? that's very nice. coz i was too lazy to practise and my teacher threatened to abandon me :P

Unknown said...

lol.....when will PPD go away..nice Q....I still dont know if I am out of it after 3 yrs now??...I guess after kids grow up and get out of the house....Mayb then I will be normal again!

Umm Mymoonah said...

The photographs looks amazing.

veena said...

pics look amazing

schmetterlingwords said...

The photos are vibrant and marvellous... Thank you for sharing with us!! Excellent post :-)

the Junkie book said...

thank you ayeesha, veena and butterfly!