Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've always loved these. i remember craving these at many points of time in my life. half way through i feel guilty and after sating my greed i put it away in the refrigerator. you don't have to feel guilty....gobble the entire gooey ring. and i always thought these were really difficult to make but nope. i'm telling you these chums are pretty easily flipped out of the oil.


milk-1/2 cup
instant yeast-1 tsp
sugar-1 tsp
Heat the milk on low flame; dissolve the sugar and yeast. keep aside and let it rise for about an hour.

maida-3 cups
Put the maida in a bowl and make a hole in the centre.

sugar-4 tbsp
butter (softened)-2 tbsp
yolk of egg-2
Add these to the hole in the maida. pour the yeast-added milk to the flour. knead softly to make a smooth dough in an oiled bowl and keep it to rise for one or two hours without disturbing it. then roll them out into (just by practically pressing them in shape) mini puris with about half an inch thickness. leave it to rise again. with a round cap of a bottle or so scoop out the middle to make it look like donuts. fry them in very hot oil and ease them out of it when it turns golden brown. dip in chocolate sauce and cool and enjoy!

chocolate sauce

Cadbury dairy milk-3 tbsp (or almost two medium sized bars)
cocoa powder-1 tbsp
powdered sugar-1 tbsp
butter-1 tbsp
water-2 tbsp
Combine all these in a thick bottomed bowl. double boil till the sugar melts.

These make 15 donuts.

The loner in the corner you can see in my first pic is a stunner in your bouche. it's practically no work once the maida dough is done. take a ball of it; thrust a square of chocolate into it. close it clean and fry it out. you can imagine what happens then :)

The white ones i have here are an unmessy variation. an option for those who don't like chocolate (is there?) and a decent bite with your evening tea. (Thomas would enjoy both!) For them you just have to flavour some powdered sugar with cinnamon powder and roll the donuts in them.


Yin said...

Dear Thoma:
I can't show this to my boy, else he will bug me for making them, especially the with chocolate toppings :-P
Can I bake them instead of deep fried?

MJ said...

yummmy!! now i am craving for some!! how about I send u my address and u courier me a few?? =)becoz my Mr.Aj aint gona let me make those and serve him, since we both have be easing down on the sweets and meat...I'll have to wait I guess,if I am gonamake these!

the Junkie book said...

ah good question. i did bake two or three to find out. i tossed them quickly into the oven and didn monitor closely; so they came out slightly burnt :( i'm always multitasking and in a hurry. bad bad. i think if u monitor the time closely it comes out well. the crust remains slightly hard or crisp which is nice. double the sauce recipe for your boy. i think if u dip the donut liberally in the sauce the baked ones are a real treat.
the ones with the chocolate square in it are damn easy and delicious.

mj: thank you. tell me the pounds you lose and i'll send it then! merry Christmas!

MomKidsLove亲子蜜蜜 said...

Great..my gals favorite! Thanks for sharing the recipies !

Dimah said...

These look perfect! so delicious

the Junkie book said...

momkidslove: my pleasure. and merry Christmas. isn't this time of the year lovely?

dimah: thank you. and merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

They look better than in the bakery!

the Junkie book said...

stephanie: awww, that's a special compliment. thank you and merry Christmas.

Suchitra Vaidyaram said...

Looks super delicious! will taste great with a steaming cuppa coffee;)

the Junkie book said...

suchi: thank you. black cofee my choice; kattan kapi we call in malayalam!