Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award....I Got It Too!!

Isn't this cool!! Toni from passed it on to me. Thank you Toni! as with other awards over here it comes with some conditions...(sigh). they are:

(1) Thank the person who gave me the award.
(2) Tell four (or was it three, Toni!!) things about myself! (wait, those who want to say seven things about them are most welcome to do it; Toni no grudges ;P)
(3) Pass the award to bloggers of my choice.

I thank you again. Toni's blog is my chill out joint. and when i'm stressed i quickly kick in there to ease. i like her positive outlook on life and i'm in awe of her "local" quest. i've started dreaming of Hammond's candies thanks to Toni. she's fun and i like it.

I am I am I am...
I feel terrible if i don't read the newspaper.
I love to eat out with Thomas (my husand), Aby and our latest precious addition, Alice.
I love to work.
I like lemon yellow too hehe. currrently it is a green fad for me.

I pass this on to (in random order)

thisdesignercooks (she doesn't give her name!)

On 29 January 2011med passed this award to me and erin handed it over to me on February 3! well, it's been awards week and how many times can someone say i'm stylish! gee :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Med is an avid blogger...she whips in the kitchen and whips her camera for her foodie frens enthusiastically...and mind you she's a stunner!

Erin is a gifted baker who recently came up with a darling goodie-monkey bread-ooo i loved it!! i love her choice of recipes and i always flag them. she recently freaked me with her pumpkin puree store in her refrigerator :P

On 13 February 2011 brooks ever so merrily passed it on to me on the eve of V. thank you so much. you should read his seven facts about himself. veddy interesting!!  and you should take a peek at his whoopie pies and the better better look it up yourself!

Brooks: you were a radio DJ; tht interests me a lot...i kinda dreamed in between of working with our radio channel here...and i like to have a radio in my bedroom and one in my kitchen and turn it on the same time..

I saw that vintage photo of yours...priceless!! i think you should put it up along with that post. it's really good.

I like your blogging pace...helps me catch my breath!! oh yea!

I take time to read your notes because you write well!

On 28 Feb 2011 shabs passed this award to me. she's a lovely person who's constantly worried about packing pounds and baking her goodies....she bakes superb! thank you shabs...and here's to all your extra award... 


Yin said...

My dear sweet lady:
You are just too kind and too sweet, let me give you a big hug :-)
Thank you, Terima Kasih (Malay), Xie Xie (Mandarin) for your award. I'm just too embarrass to receive it because the first one I have not even pass it on yet. :-(
But, I'm really really appreciate it very very much. :-)
I would need to prepare myself to receive it.

Stephanie said...

Thank you! I am honored! Especially from one such talented cook as you. I look forward to passing this on. Boy, my next recipe better be good!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the award! It means a lot that you gave it to me :)!

Boulder Locavore said...

Congratulations my friend! You have a great blog and alot of spunk personally! You deserve this award even if you don't want to talk about yourself!

Dimah said...

Congrats on your award! :)

G Mathew George said...

Way to go sistau! Your blog definitely looks stylish now!!

Indu said...

Congrats...George referred me to this blog...Everything looks yum......Visit my blog also -

the Junkie book said...

yin: prepare yourself for more awards. you have a lovely homely blog.

thisdesignercooks: boy! your next recipe better be good :)

amy: my pleasure!

toni: thank you! who likes to talk about oneself. it's so boring and small.

dimah: thank you.

G mathew: thanks bro. way to go!

indu: thank you!