Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bell Pepper Cheese Spread

Livya, it's yours again. i tried Livya's Hot Cheese Sauce but her perfect sauce turned into a cheese spread in my kitchen! however, it was a show-stealer for some days on our breakfast table. i never thought my bro would like it coz he generally likes only anything with a bite of meat or fish in it. the simplest sandwich made out of this is with a dab of tomato sauce. it's good and quick and if you have some boiled shredded chicken pieces i'm sure it's heaven.

bell pepper (green capsicum)-1 big
processed cheese-400-500 gm
olive oil or any veg oil-3-4 tbsp
lemon juice or vinegar-1 tsp
pepper powder

Cut the capsicum in big pieces and put in a baking dish. bake at 150 C for twenty-twenty five mins. cool and peel. run in the grinder with the oil till it becomes smooth and creamy. add a little cheese and beat again. add the remaining cheese along with the lemon juice and pepper powder and beat till the whole thing turns a decent glop. refrigerate and use within five or six days. you can freeze and store for later use but i don't prefer this.



Dimah said...

yum, that looks delicious!!

s said...

yummm..looks great. Dis u change ur camera..great shots.

kitchenmorph said...

dimah: thank you so much!
s: thank you. yeah my bro's cam. my new one has arrived from dubai. thomas was kind enough to buy it for me!