Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Rolls

It's time to soak the fruits for the next Christmas cake and i'm yet to finish my catalogue of Christmas 2009. spring rolls (veg and chicken) were the knock out item in the spicy section on my Christmas menu. they make their presence felt so easily. they tend to be spotted immediately on the spread. i've not tried various recipes (i guess there are different types of them) because i was quite happy with the the recipe i tried and tested. i made around eighty rolls in sets of three (don't ask me why in sets of three and not one). the recipe below gives a max of thirty rolls.


oil-3-4 tbsp (too much oil makes the mix gooey)
shredded carrot and cabbage-250 gm each
capsicum-3-4 nos
onions-4-5 medium sized (too many onions make the mix sticky too)
celery-as per your taste requirements
salt and an ample quantity of pepper powder to give that zing
boiled and shredded chicken-1/2 kg

cut all the veggies into thin strips. you don't have to be too careful abt the chopping. you can actually do it your way but too small is not advisable as the mix turns out to be a mushy ball.

fry the onions till glossy (don't brown) and add the veggies and stir-fry (don't go beyond stir-frying). add chicken and celery and stir-fry and then add salt and pepper and adjust the taste.

it's fine if the mix is a little too salty. the pancakes should be salted too coz as you bite through the rolls you should feel the salt is adequate for both the mix and pancakes. not everyone likes it with the sauce.


maida-3 cups
eggs-2 (by standard recipe it is 1 egg for 1 cup maida)
milk-11/2 cups
salt to taste
cornflour-2-3 tbsp
water-1 cup (more if reqd)

mix everything together adding the lightly beaten egg. make a thin batter like you make for dosa.

get some egg whites ready (i've always used the whole egg and it doesn't taste too eggy) and bread crumbs for the final stage. it's easier if you fry one pancake and roll it out and then go to the next one. you have to work in a frenzy but finally that's better.

now make a medium sized and not-too-thick pancake. fry it mildly only on one side on the tawa and leave the other side raw. place a little mix (maybe 2-21/2 tbsp) on the raw side on one edge of the pancake and roll the pancake over it. gather the sides of the pancake as you continue so that the pancake rolls over its sides. roll it out the whole way and the other edge sticks by the heat of the pancake. that's why it is important not to let the pancake cool. take any extraneous side of the pancake that juts out and tuck it in. it's fine if it's not perfectly tucked in coz it's not going to break when fried. (i guess the pic gives you a fairly clear idea.) i repeat it's important to make the pancakes thin otherwise the fat edges can't be manipulated easily. quickly spread the egg white (or the white plus yolk) and dab it in the crumbs. it's ready to be fried and used.

make sure the oil is fantabulously hot and contrary to most frying i don't let the rolls swim in the oil. i don't like re using the oil. so take an adequate amount and to avoid any risk of its cracking put two or three into the hot oil on medium flame and keep pouring the oil over it. i heard that if you're not able to finish off the remaining oil after frying for your other cooking keep the used oil in fridge and use it the next day. i guess the cool temp reduces the carcinogens production.

i've tried the mix the indian way too and i used beef. i put ginger (no garlic). beans is an accepted addition and coriander leaves and some pudina (mint) leaves and no celery. i minced the beef that i had boiled prior in coriander, chilli and pepper powders and salt. it was MAST. you can be creative in making the mix and suit your style.

i like the advantage this tea time snack gives you in its making...that is you can make the mix one day and then roll out pancakes later and three four days or even a week in advance you can freeze them for later use.

and don't think of the oil that goes into the frying. enjoy your tea time snack...for a change :)

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