Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pineapple Perfect

It's an ideal breakfast dessert and serves 6-8. this was my dessert on the Christmas menu and it did flatter many of the guests. in fact i had two desserts. the other being named by me thai custard and it was a salvaged version of a water chestnut recipe that i tried endearingly. i used rice flour instead of tapioca flour in the original water chestnut recipe (i don't know how goofy that sounds to those who know the difference!) and the final product was nothing short of a disaster. well, i'm pretty good at salvaging and my guests were impressed by the variety.

canned pineapple-1 tin (425 gm, eight pineapple rings)
amul fresh cream-200 ml
condense milk-100–150 ml (depending on how sweet you want it)
cinnamon powder

Cut the pineapple rings into medium slices. Do not use the juice. Whip the cream well in a bowl. Add the condense milk and sweeten it as per requirement. Whip again for a while. Put 2–3 pineapple slices in each dessert bowl and pour the whipped cream–condense milk mixture to it. Top it with cinnamon powder. Serve chilled.

i won a contest in the newspaper by this!! so trust me; this is good. the photograph is lousy though :(

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