Monday, March 29, 2010

Cream of Chicken Soup

Aby, my daughter, is an agreeably fussy eater and like me she gets bored with stuff fast. though i don't overdo it, i try and get hold of something that's interesting and nutritious for her...which is quite difficult. i'm personally quite fond of my beef soup made in a crude way. she was fond of sweet corn chicken soup but she's taking a break now. she said she would like a soup with no pieces in it. ah, well, thankfully i had the recipe of the soup mentioned up there and it goes thus.

Chicken pieces-1/4 kg
Biriyani leaf (i'm sorry i got to find its proper name)-1
Water-41/2 cups
Butter-1 tbsp
All-purpose flour- 11/2 tbsp
Milk-11/4 cups
salt to taste
Pepper powder-1/4 tsp
Finely chopped celery-1 tbsp
Cream-2 tbsp

Boil the chicken pieces along with the biriyani leaf and 41/2 cups water. when it is well-cooked debone and gather the meat.
Strain the stock.
Add the chicken slices to the stock and grind. sieve the mixture.
Heat the butter in a pan and stir the maida in. then add the milk and stir till it thickens without forming lumps.
Add the ground chicken mixture to the milk and after a boil add salt, pepper and celery.
Pour a loop of cream on top.

I didn't bother to sieve the stock or the mixture. i'm not so fond of cream of chicken soup as it is but my daughter liked it. it's an OK soup, i would say.

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