Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sherry Merry Mix

I chose this recipe coz i saw sherry in it (i like the name sherry) and the title said "old-fashioned". i like anything old-fashioned (except when they're ideas coming from people in my native place...arrgghh); there's a pristine beauty attached to it. now i list here the dry (!) characters of the Christmas Cake.
(1) raisins
(2) prunes
(3) dates
(4) currants
(5) candied cherries
(6) mixed candied citrus peel and tutty-fruity (i don't know if "tutty-fruity" is universally understood: i mean those multi-coloured ones)
(7) almonds
(8) cashew nuts
(9) figs (OPTIONAL)

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