Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chocolate Sauce

I knew many parents wouldn't like their kids to taste rum sauce. so i made chocolate sauce as a topping for the muffins. this recipe is great for choco lovers. i also make chocolate cake in the cake tin that bakes it with a hole in the centre (what do you call it??). and i pour the chocolate sauce on it haphazard and let it dribble carelessly. it looks awesome and the kids here love it. i've made a couple of them and they call it the doughnut cake. i don't have a picture of it though :( this is how you make it.

milk-1/2 cup
powdered sugar-1/2 cup
cornflour-1 tbsp
cocoa powder-1 tbsp
butter-1 tbsp
dash of instant coffee powder (i use nescafe).

Boil all of it together and shut off when it thickens after boiling. over the cake you got to pour it hot. you can serve it cold with muffins, either way.

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