Saturday, December 18, 2010

Banoffee Pie and Merry Christmas

Christmas is here!! i love this time of the season. good climate (here for us!), holidays, get togethers, food and joy and warmth. only the good things and no space for the bad. everyone is busy pulling out recipes to make a difference on their Christmas table. here i have banoffee pie, an English dessert made from banana, cream and the like. many of us don't like this rich fruit but banoffee pie is glorious with the toffee sauce wrapped around it. it's not a budget-friendly dessert but an excellent option on your Christmas platter. and it's after all Christmas and time to indulge!!

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chocolate biscuits (bourbon or hide n seek or any)-15-20
butter (melted)-1/4 cup + 1 tbsp
cream cheese-400 gm OR
cheese spread (250 gm) +  shredded cottage cheese (100 gm)
powdered sugar-2/3 cup
cornflour-2 tbsp
banana (robusta)-3/4 cup (two big bananas) OR 1/2 cup (if you want lighter banana taste)
cream-1/2 cup
vanilla essence-2 tsp
instant coffee powder-1-2 tsp

toffee sauce

sweetened condense milk-1 tin
butter-100 gm
vanilla essence-1 tsp

caramelized sugar frill

Heat three or four tsp of sugar and melt in excess butter in a pan. take it off when sugar changes colour. keep it for some seconds for the sugar to settle so that you can see two distinct layers of butter and sugar. scoop out the sugar with a spoon to get a frill.

Powder the biscuit and mix with butter. press to the bottom of a large pie dish and set in the refrigerator for ten mins.
Beat the cream cheese and sugar well.
Add the corn flour to it. combine. then add eggs one at a time and beat well.
Mash the banana and combine well with the cream, vanilla essence, coffee powder. add this combo to the cream cheese-sugar mix.
Pour this atop the set biscuit-butter base. bake at 150 C for 40 mins or till it sets.

For the toffee sauce combine the toffee sauce ingredients in a thick bottomed pan and stir and thicken on a low flame.

Swirl the toffee sauce liberally on it.



Amy said...

Your pie sounds delicious! Bananas and cream cheese are heavenly together :)!

Dimah said...

That looks nice and delicious!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I did not even know toffee sauce existed until reading this post! This sounds particularly amazing, and I will definitely be making it as a bring-along to my friend's Christmas party. Thank you for sharing! Absolutely cannot wait to give it a try

Jun said...

I love the gooey sauce! I think I am going to make it and slather it on my toasts!

Merry christmas, Thoma!

the Junkie book said...

amy and dimah: thank you. happy new year.

eva: toffee sauce is an absolute winner. happy new year and thank you.

jun: i love the sauce too. thank you and happy new year.

kitchenarian said...

I have never heard of this pie and it sounds wonderful. The sauce sounds divine!! I think I could pour it on everything. I will definitely make this soon. Thanks!

the Junkie book said...

kitchenarian: sure you can never have enough of the sauce and banoffee pie is English and i'm sure you'll relish it.