Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rich Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce

I crave, right now, a huge chunk of this delectable cake. but most of the times i bake it, it goes out to someone else OR once i lavish the sauce on it and watch the dribble trickling down i become calorie-conscious! sigh, strange is the female species. i've taken this from a local Christian magazine and of the handful of chocolate cake recipes i've tried my vote goes for this.

flour-11/2 cups
cocoa powder-1/2 cup
sugar-11/4 cups
soda bicarb-11/2 tsp
butter-185 gm
vanilla essence-1 tsp
cold milk-1 cup
synthetic vinegar-1 tbsp

Strain the flour along with the cocoa powder and soda bicarb and keep aside. powder the sugar and mix it with the flour combo. add the vinegar to the milk and let it stand. beat the eggs lightly and keep. melt the butter; cool it and add it to the flour-sugar mix along with half the milk. beat for two mins. add the eggs, remaining milk and vanilla essence and beat for another two mins. pour the batter into a nicely greased cake tin and bake till done.

The cake is really soft. so don't try and heap the entire batter into one cake tin. distribute it in two. it yields 900 gms.

The chocolate sauce recipe is already given in my Christmas menu spread. ideally use the ring cake pan so that the final effect is of an over-sized doughnut. jab the cake at different points with a slender stick (i use toothpick!) and let the sauce seep in. dribble the sauce when it is hot. slice a chunk and steal its richness before you turn calorie-conscious like me:)


Cardamom Hills said...

wow...tat luks yummy...u really seem to love baking...i am sooo lazy to bake. it wud be nice if the pics were a little bigger... =)

kitchenmorph said...

thnx. it is yum yum. yeah baking is stressbusting for me. if i try and take close up the images are blurred. my fren asked me to look up macro option in my cam. but these pics were taken early. handling two kids and my husband's transferable job leaves me with little time!

Yin said...

Look at that chocolate sauce, my boy sure drool non stop for this. :-)
Will bookmark to tryout. What's synthetic vinegar-1 tbsp, can you do away ?

kitchenmorph said...

hi Yin
no you cannot. synthetic vinegar is normal vinegar. you can substitute with lemon juice. the idea is to curdle the milk by adding something sour. it's really easy!

Yin said...

For your question on linking the choc sauce post to your this post. Just click on the word of choc sauce and insert url of your choc sauce page e.g.
Hope this helps.

kitchenmorph said...

hi yin and mj

i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you. now do you mind following my blog too :)

Yin said...

Glad to see that you finally made your links. Happy to share.

kitchenmorph said...

yay yay yin. i loved your slide show!!