Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Presto Chocolate Cake

I remember scarfing the biggest possible pieces of this cake as an adolescent when my mum used to bake it. i loved the richness of it and the chocolate-sticky crust (i still do). now that i've started baking this was my first chocolate cake recipe. it's the quickest i've come across and i love to have it cold.

cocoa powder-1/2 cup
butter-1/2 cup cut up
maida-2 cups
sourless curd-1/2 cup
vanilla essence-1 tsp
soda bicarb-3/4 tsp
powdered sugar-2 cups
lukewarm water-1/2 cup

Beat the eggs lightly with a fork. add all the ingredients in their order; mix well with your hands and bake till done. yes, you read right. it's just this much and believe me the cake will surpass you expectations. you don't have to mess your beater (personally i love hand-mixed batter). i never even followed the order but still it came out so good!


Yeşim Çağlar said...

tx for stop by my blog, i loved the chocolate cake,it s cutie:) and for your question ,i asked one indian friend who live in Turkey if it is daliya and bulghur is same? he said similar , i think you can use our cooking style of bulgur with daliya..
i really enjoy with indian cuisine and would love to learn .. will follow your posts..
just one humble opinion about your blog; your blog color already dark and at the write side the typings is black and it s almost impossible to see, maybe u wanna change the type color? just one idea..
hope to have nice sharings..

kitchenmorph said...

hey thnx for the quick reply. i'll wait for one another person to veto your opinion on the blog colour and then change it!! i'm open to comments.

Yeşim Çağlar said...

and can u give samosa recipe? i like it..

kitchenmorph said...

gee! yes i can i've to ring up my mum in law. but the filling is whatever you want. rolling the dough in the shape needs to be seen. if you know that part i can input a yum yum filling recipe.

Yeşim Çağlar said...

i ve checked in internet and cooked, with potatos, coriender ,lemon juice and smth else i dont remember but the taste was awful:)

Lisa said...


I love your blog and I am a faithful follower.But to second the opinion given by Yesim Caglar, I think you need to "brighten" up your blog by changing colours....it'll make a huge difference. Currently it is a little dullish...BTW I am making this cake right here right now....

kitchenmorph said...

ok. lemme see the changes i can do. cheers sis!