Saturday, August 7, 2010

Signature BBQ chicken

You should be familiar with times when you DON'T want to follow a recipe feel vaguely confident that it may turn out well and you're not risking your time, effort and money. for our BBQ night i did exactly this. i had the solace: well, it's finally going to be bbqed. our major chunk of it was chicken coz we're familiar with it and not expensive as fish and beef is a no-no in most Indian communities except among Christians. ah i have to note down here that Hindu women don't like their men biting into this meat though most of the men concerned here can die for it. so the whole thing is a little delicate (you know the way women bring in the delicateness) and we completely abstain from beef preparations in a mixed crowd. and the chicken here (3/4 kg; can't remember why 3/4 now) was marinated with

coriander powder and chicken masala-1 tbsp each
brown sugar-1 tbsp
ground ginger-1 tsp
sunflower oil-1 tbsp plus extra for cooking
honey, BBQ sauce, 8 to 8 sauce, pepper, fish fry masala and lemon (all of which was an antaaza; so don't ask me now how much of it)

mix all together in a bowl and lovingly (anyone reminded of the Chicken Soup Series, boy) smear the chicken pieces with it. men...duty calls....relish it when it's still hot.

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