Tuesday, August 10, 2010


(Image revamp by Anoop Negi)
Don't they look divine!! and they absolutely are. i wouldn't say it's easy nor too difficult. and it's going to be sure-shot successful the first time you try it. who ever has baked them has been convincingly delighted by it. there you go.

maida-2 cups
eggs-2 (room temp)
butter (softened)-125 gm
baking powder-2 heaped tsp
soda bicarb-1/2 tsp
powdered sugar-7 heaped tbsp
milk-1-1 1/4 cup
vanilla essence-1 tsp
salt-one pinch

Sieve the maida, baking powder and soda bicarb twice and keep aside. beat the butter and powdered sugar till frothy. add the eggs one by one and beat again. add half the maida mix gradually to this and mix well without lumps. add the milk gradually and the remaining flour along with the vanilla essence. mix well and bake it. once the cake is ready and a little cooled and off the cake tin cut them into reasonably big and fat square pieces.

Chocolate icing

cocoa-3 heaped tbsp
icing sugar-2 1/2 cups
vanilla essence-1/2 tsp
cherry-15 nos
dessicated coconut-2 cups
water-1/2 cup
butter-1 1/2 tbsp

Mix the cocoa and icing sugar. boil the half cup water. as it boils add the 1 1/2 tbsp butter to it. once the butter melts add the cocoa-icing sugar mix to it along with the 1/2 tsp essence and the resulting mix will be viscous. if it is too thick you can add some more hot water.

Butter icing

butter-50 gm
icing sugar-1/2 cup
(mix both well)

Using a fork dip each sliced piece of cake in the chocolate icing and hold it up to drop the excess icing from each slice. roll the pieces in the dessicated coconut spread on a plate and be done with the cake slices this way.

Cut each piece in the middle lengthwise (but not completely; just quarter way through) and fill the gap with the butter icing and spread some butter icing atop the slice. finally top it with a cherry.

Dessicated coconut: if you don't want to invest in ready made dessicated coconut (considering the inflation, boy!!) grate some coconut; run it in the grinder once and remove the moisture in the microwave.

I did it along with my mum the first time i made them. i didn't use the fork but my hands. use one hand for dipping and the other for rolling or else the white of the coconut gets coloured by the chocolate icing. i made them recently by myself and used the fork. it was a breeze.

Believe me it's not difficult and do not be deterred by the long steps of direction in the entry. bake the cake one day and do the rest the following day. it cannot be simpler then and you feel so proud to have baked something that looks so professional without being one!!

Aside: i didn't do the butter icing but my fren did and it turned out well. you can actually let go of it if lazy...it will still remain lamington :)


DCRose said...

Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome to the blogging world. If you would like to exchange links I would be happy to do so. Rosie

Indie.Tea said...

Ooo, those do look delicious, and of course, just lovely...

kitchenmorph said...

hi rose i would want to do that. i have no clue how to. you have your own bake shop?!! tht's my post retirement dream too. how lovely.

kitchenmorph said...

hi indie.tea (is tht what people call you here?) your comment made me smile. thank you. i logged in your blog and it was a whole new world there...a fantastic evolution. i could only take the littlest peek coz my little one (2 months) and elder (3 yr) keep me hands full.

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious. I need to research what maida is to see if we cannot make it in the U.S. You are amazing to be able to do your blog AND be such a great communicator with tiny ones in tow! Bravo!