Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baji Chilli Vindaloo

The dish is a great accompaniment to biriyani along with the raita. i guess the recipe works out fine with brinjals too though i haven't tried it. my mum made it. otherwise i would have had to make the vindaloo the previous day. the whole combo is a pricey package. when i start my own stall later, later in life, God-willing, the biriyani will come along with a modicum of vindaloo and raita!

baji chilli-1/4 kg
salt and turmeric powder-as reqd
oil-3/4-1 cup (don't frown; read the whole thing)
chopped onions-1/4 kg
ground garlic-1 tbsp

mustard seeds-1 tsp
red chilli powder-1 tbsp
cumin (jeera)-2 tsp
fenugreek seeds (methi)-1 tsp (grind this combo)

chopped tomato-2 big
ground ginger-1 tbsp
sugar-1 tsp
vinegar-1 tbsp

Cut the baji chilli lengthwise or slit the tips and marinate in salt and turmeric powder for fifteen min. fry this in oil and keep aside. brown the onion in this oil nicely and keep aside. fry the ground garlic in the same oil followed by the ground mustard-chilli powder-cumin-methi. fry well. add the tomato and ground ginger and fry really well till the oil separates. add the already fried onion to it together with adequate water and salt. when this boils add the fried chilli, sugar and vinegar. stir and remove from fire.

This is a spicy (not too spicy) dish. If you have doubts about the baji chilli you can de-seed them and reduce the red chilli powder. it goes well with roti, plain rice and pulao.


Fickle Cattle said...

That looks really hot. Scary. I'm not good with chilis.

Lisa said...

that loooks like a fantastic-fiery dish....lybu will love it! cant wait to try it out the next time i go to the indian market and buy the baji chillies....

kitchenmorph said...

oh i forgot the fiery man out there! can't you try them with those tiny purple brinjals?

kitchenmorph said...

hi FC

i'll post something super-sweet for you in the next two days. oh my...sweet tooth and high calories.