Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cream of Onion Soup

In case you don't have chicken at home and you quickly want to fix an equally tasty soup, follow the recipe below.

onion-1 cup chopped fine
spring onion-1 stalk chopped fine (optional)
garlic-3-4 flakes chopped fine
butter-3 tbsp (don't try and reduce this!!)
maida-2 tbsp
milk-2 cups
water-3 cups
maggie instant chicken taste maker-1/2-1 packet
maggie instant soup powder (any flavour)-1 tbsp
grated cheese or cheese slice or cheese spread-2 tbsp
pepper and salt-as per requirement

Melt butter in a pan. add onion and garlic and leave it to brown. add maida and fry for two minutes. add the milk-water mix. on low flame add the taste maker and soup powder, pepper and salt. add the spring onion. of course the onion goes into the frying and at this stage you add only the chopped shoot. stir on high flame till it thickens. turn off the flame and add the cheese. serve hot.

The quantity serves 5-6 people. i used paneer ka pani or whey instead of water. the taste is not at all affected and you have added nutrition too.

When you add salt in both the soups consider the fact that the taste maker, the instant soup powder and the cheese are salty.


Anonymous said...

Yum...sounds super!!!

kitchenmorph said...

did you see my reply to your comment. it's as another comment. was down with vomiting yesterday; allergy to canned tuna fish. today tryin caramel cake. will put it up if good.