Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicken-Cheese soup

Don't you love the sight of those slivers of butter melting in your pan and isn't the fragrance divine when you add some onions and garlic to it. i'm reminded of the scene in the movie Julie & Julia where meryl streep orders a baked fish off the menu and delights in the waft of butter that seeps into her butter-craving system. i felt so happy too making this soup; the heavenly smell kicking my hormones (i don't know, endorphins come to my mind though it's hardly endorphins in action here!!). the subsequent built-up in the soup looked promising as and when the ingredients were added. and the final product was an excellent monsoon a la carte soup. we enjoyed it with plain buns topped with a petite slice of cheese warmed in the oven. i loved those moments. let me share the recipe with you.

butter-3 tbsp
garlic-4-5 flakes chopped fine
boiled chicken-3-4 good meat pieces
onion-one big chopped fine
spring onion-one small stalk chopped fine (optional)
celery-one small stalk chopped fine (optional)
maida-2-3 tbsp
milk-700 ml
water-500 ml
grated cheese-1/4 cup
maggie extra taste chicken powder-11/2 packets
maggie instant soup powder (any flavour)-2 tbsp
pepper powder and salt-as per requirement

Boil the chicken pieces with pepper and salt and reserve the stock. i didn't follow any particular measurement for this. reserve the stock that you end up making. heat the butter in a pan and add the onion and garlic to it and brown. add the celery and saute. add the maida and fry it for two minutes. add the water (which includes the chicken stock too), milk, taste maker, soup powder, chicken pieces, pepper and salt and stir on high flame till it boils. it thickens only as it boils. so if you keep stirring you can put it on high flame which avoids curdling. switch off once the soup thickens or once it boils and then add the cheese. sprinkle some pepper and celery as garnish.

I used amul cheese slices and another time i used cheese spread. they were both yum.

This fills ten average sized soup bowls. so i suggest you don't go for a smaller quantity because you sure can't stop with one bowl!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm sounds great esp since its raining here in Goa..would make a great meal in itself. Dont see the bright green anywhere?

kitchenmorph said...

i don't know. sometimes it's in white ans sometimes in green. funny and i don't have the time to figure such things out. yes the soup is delicious and if you don't have the chicken then i'm putting up another recipe that tastes quite similar and doesn't need the meat. and you should buy those plain buns from monginis and top with amul cheese slice warm it in the micro. sheba, it's divine...haha yes yes how sad the best things in life come with a price!!!