Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dive In

Am late as usual for the treasure hunt. This chocolate quickie has been doing rounds quite a bit and it's not even a great find any more. (And though I got this ready a while before, now, by the time am posting it, Christmas is jus round the corner!!) But I thought I should post this for Rashmi (see below). Being a skydiver she chats up with the clouds quite often and a short trip to chocolate heaven is not a bit of blight!

Let's make the cake.

All-purpose flour (maida)-3 tbsp
Powdered sugar-3-4 tbsp
Cooking oil-3tbsp
Milk (lukewarm)-3 tbsp
Cocoa powder-2 tbsp
Choc chips-2 tsp 
Vanilla essence-1/4 tsp
Cooking soda (soda bicarb)-1/4 tsp
Salt-a pinch

In a microwave safe bowl or coffee mug or whatever, mix the maida, sugar, cocoa powder, cooking soda and salt. Add oil, vanilla essence and milk to it. Stir well for a smooth batter without lumps. Add the choc chips and stir it again once or twice. At maximum power microwave this for 2.5 mins if it's a 700 Watt. Two mins for 900 W. Mine is 800 W and I did it for a lilover 2 mins. The cake drops down once cool. It's a lil dry and it's most natural for you to reach out for some choc sauce (Hershey's or Fun Foods) or vanilla ice cream. A generous portion for two. (Adapted from here.)

I look at her and can hardly believe here's a woman who has fallen meticulously from a 10,000 ft above ground level. There's none of the swollen pride in her at being tagged such exclusiveness in the world's fastest non mechanical sport-Sky Diving. She's totally humble and uber-cool. After getting trained in Gorakhpur in 2001 for Static Jumps, she joined her husband Rajiv for a stint in Brisbane to qualify for Free Falls (where she fell at the rate of about 200 ft per sec; she has qualified 450 jumps)! She took her qualifying flying training from the U. S. and holds a civil flying licence.

She says the most exciting moment is in that split second of aircraft to air, where gravity changes and you levitate for a while. Then it's a "normal feeling"...brrrr...folks do you dare to agree???

Check out this link for a live demo! It's so cool!

Rashmi's own words about her Free Fall experience:

Rashmi, along with Rajiv, are currently discovering the new found joy of parenting Kabir. Rashmi, hope you enjoyed the chocolate cinch; and a nip of it for Kabir too!! :P

I have a hive of activities in the pipeline for Christmas and it'll be well after New Year I end up posting my next. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! Will meet you all in your blogs for the masterpiece Christmas posts!!!!! 


Stephanie said...

Between Chocolate adn skydiving, I will hve to indulge in the chocolate and dream about skydiving. A great story! Nice to see you posting again.

anthony stemke said...

I'm afraid of heights but not chocolate.
Enjoyed reading about them two though.

Indu said...

Wow, skydiving does sound sooo exciting! Though "normal" for Rashmi :)

Nice cake, one of my friends have tried tis, but it remains a novelty for me...

Hope you enjoyed ur XMas!

Jill Colonna said...

Wow, what an adventurous post, Thoma. Love the diving into chocolate heaven with this one! Must make this wicked pud - looks fabulous. Rashmi also looks fabulous after such a dive. Gosh, what an amazing action couple. Yes, have to agree that bit about the gravity happens to me all the time when I jump out the plane :-)
Happy holidays to you and here's to more of your infectious humour in 2012!

Sarah said...

i was wondering if we could triple the recipe and make it into a single bigger cake. And since the cake dries out, it is perfect for some creamy topping like whipped cream :)

Yin said...

Hi Thoma:
Sorry for not dropping by. Since back from NZ, been busy with work and my own blog also not so frequently updated. :-(

Thanks for dropping by, just want to wish you a great 2012 ahead. Stay in touch.

best regards,

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

I need to try these chocolate cakes in a mug...I think my kids would love them! Hope you had a marvelous Christmas...thanks for stopping by my blog, and it's so nice to visit yours. Have a lovely week~

Elisabeth said...

Hi Thoma-Sorry, I missed this wonderful post that you posted before the Christmas holiday!
Diving, and diving into chocolate "heaven"...for me the chocolate part will do the "trick"...don't think I would ever have the courage to sky dive, but reading about others doing it, is adventurous enough for me!
Thanks for sharing the interesting post, and the yummy chocolate delight:DDD
So good to hear from you, my dear friend!

the Junkie book said...

thanks all for your visit!

Suchitra Vaidyaram said...

Sorry gal, was out of touch with the blogging world. Now I am back and already loving your cake recipe- And this is really a wonderful post....