Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless on Jewellery!!

 by stephanietramontozzi
 by stephanietramontozzi by stephanietramontozzi by stephanietramontozzi

 by stephanietramontozzi
 by stephanietramontozzi

For the original size and more reach Stephanie Tramontozzi in Flickr!!
Do shop at her etsy domain!
     (photo courtesy of Stephanie Tramontozzi © All Rights Reserved)


An Open Book said...

Hi there...thanks for dropping by my blog. Even though that felt a bit creepy (I mean you knowing me and roshan)I must admit Im now desperate to find out who you are..more than me, my husband is :)
That thing about everyone knowing everyone in ktym doesnt stop even if we are miles away you know. So do tell me your name at least ..
The jewellery is beautiful..and I did check out your friends' blogs too...good pics and interesting recipes, esp judys cakes and treats.

An Open Book said...

oh yes i think i remember you...and ur husband called on my phone or something like that???? good to see you here, although im surprised that you actually remembered my name and face and figured out it was the same person.

Indu said...

Back after the break?? :)

kitchenmorph said...

nisha: oh, i didn remember the husband calling part...not bad, you too!! cheers!

indu: too soon huh?? :P not officially but...

this designer cooks said...

Thank you,Thoma. You are so kind. I put a couple for sale on etsy. I don't know why I am hanging on to these. They aren't getting worn by anyone!

MiniBinoy said...

Hello Ginzzzz,yeahh,,,beautiful jewellery indeed!!shall chk out the collection in flickr.hugs.

Jill Colonna said...

Aha! Thoma is back! Lovely to hear you again and hope you had a good break.

kitchenmorph said...

steph: thank you. they'll get worn by many!

mini chechi: i was humming an eighties melody...and remembered your melody blog...we getting a new home theatre and it's music time in our new station...moving to ooty early in ktm!

jill: oh yea, so good to hear from you one of my dotey blogging frens!! still thinking of tht choc and bacon comb ;P

Jay said...

these jewellery are really an eye stopper...nice post dear..:)
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