Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Cardamom Hills and eatgreek have given me this award. thank you so much. i love the way in which this close-knit community of foodies continue to inspire each other!

I in turn pass it on to blogs of my choice. what i choose is not offhand. i REALLY LIKE my choices!

Apricosa (I love your recipes, all right. and i love your pre-recipe jingles to bits. you have the flair and strength to tempt us to your delectable recipes.)

Art Food and Travel Chronicles (The one and only reason i have: break that diet vow and happy blogging!!)

bostonfoodrules (For some of the best photography skills i've come across; and for mixing black and white and looking at money)

bigfatbaker (For the pumpkin delights and more)

Cardamom Hills (I CANNOT help but roll it back to you. you deserve multiples of this award!)

eatgreek (There's nothing nobler than turning to roots!!)

everythingsherbed (Ela, i love the rustic feel that i miss even in my own blog!)

feishannie (For leaving behind your profession to housekeep and blog!)

Hopie (I've been quietly following your neat and warm entries. also for being buddies on Shelfari!)

IndoChine kitchen (For the excellent colourful recipes)

intotheflames (For the brilliant versatility and the richness of your blog. man, the napa valley entry!)

yesim (For introducing turkish recipes uninhibited!)

yin (For the balanced variety of dishes and the interesting gadgets strewn all over your blog!)

yearonthegrill (For the originality and the authentic love of food your entries exude!)

squirrelbakes (For being a compulsive baker like me and being therapied by it!)

You can accept it pass it on to fifteen other bloggers of your choice.


MJ said...

I wont do another list...but thanx for the award =)

Hopie said...

Aw thank you! It's nice to know you're reading. And yay for shelfari friends.

Chef Dennis Littley said...

Congratulations on the award!! It was much deserved!

the Junkie book said...

mj: my pleasure...well i would NEVER expect you to do another list!!

hopie: my pleasure. yeah..i was surprised by that american-french identity crisis...

Chef dennis: thank you! hope you had a great time at the california foodbuzz fest. how much i envy you?

Unknown said...

tx u for the award.. appriciated.. and also tx for samosa recipe , will try soon;)

Yin said...

Thanks so much on your lovely award. I'm out of word to receive it. You are too sweet. This award definitely a great recognition to me especially I'm still very new in this blogging world.

the Junkie book said...

yesim: my pleasure. try tht recipe it shan't fail.

yin: my pleasure. can't get that prawns platter of yours out of my head.

Ela said...

thanks so much for the award.

finally, i was able to log into your site.
yup, i just cleared the cache.

the Junkie book said...

hi ela my pleasure and i'm relieved you could access it. wht's the Christmas menu?